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Parish History

History of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1952, combining two parishes, St. Thomas and St. Joseph, whose history goes back 150 years.

St. Casimir Exterior

History of St. Casimir Parish

Saint Casimir was opened on Christmas Day 1905. The people who founded St. Casimir were previously members of St. Stanislaus Kostka, a Polish language parish established in Winona on April 2nd, 1871, and located at the corner of Carimona and E 4th Street.

St. Thomas Interior

History of St. Thomas Parish

Fr. Lette had all the Catholics of the county under his charge from 1864 until 1868. During his administration the parish bought the land, and the foundation of a new church dedicated to St. Thomas was laid. In June 1871, Fr. Cotter assumed the pastoral care of St. Thomas parish. He remained as pastor until December 27th, 1889, when he was consecrated the first bishop of Winona.

St. Joseph Interior

History of St. Joseph Parish

The number of Catholics of German nationality in Winona was small, but there was a desire among them to have a church, and especially a priest, who would continue to instruct them and their children in their native language. On August 15th, 1858, this small group elected a committee to secure a site for a church somehwere between Main and Kansas Streets and Second Street and Broadway.

Sacramental Records

We are happy to assist you with your records, whether for sacramental needs or genealogical searches. All records in the Catholic Church are kept with the church of Baptism. At this time we do not have a computer database of records prior to 2007 so all searches must be done by looking through each record individually. Searches may take up to 2 weeks.

Diocesan Crest

Past Bishops

Starting with Bishop Cotter in 1871, 9 bishops have served our diocese up to the present day.