Statements from Bishop John Quinn Concerning our Diocese and COVID-19

Sacramental Records Policies

Sacramental Needs

If you are looking for your records for a sacrament, please contact the parish office at (507) 452-4770 or with your name, date of birth, and what you need the record for.

Genealogical Searches

Due to privacy regulations and record deterioration we do not allow anyone to see the original books or records. We are not allowed to photocopy the original record.

Due to various circumstances, our early records are limited. In your request, you will need to specify the parish and type of record you are looking for. If you are unsure which parish you are looking for, try reading through the history of the parishes.

St. Thomas (1870-1951)

Baptismal 1888-1951

First Communion 1931-1952

Confirmation 1925-1952

Wedding 1870-1952

Death 1925-1952

St. Joseph (1862-1952)

Baptismal 1873-1952

First Communion 1886-1952

Confirmation 1892-1952

Wedding 1862-1952

Death 1927-1952

St. Casimir (1901- Today)

Baptismal 1902-Today

First Communion 1902-Today

Confirmation 1902-Today

Wedding 1902-Today

Death 1902-Today

Records for Casimir Parishioners prior to 1901 will probably be at St. Stanislaus Kostka.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (1951-Today)

Baptismal 1952-Today

First Communion 1952-Today

Confirmation 1952-Today

Wedding 1952-Today

Death 1952-Today

Records for Cathedral parishioners prior to 1952 will probably be under St. Thomas or St. Joseph.